What are boxing boots made out of?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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They used to be made from leather with I think leather soles.More recently they used a material called "Cambrelle" which is a soft lightly padded but tough cloth like material.Now they are mainly made from the same sort of materials as trainers or sneakers with the emphasis on making them breathable.

The soles on modern boxing boots are still mainly made from gum rubber,but some companies such as Adidas have a torsion system where a harder plastic insert in a rubber sole apparantly gives strength and flexibility.

They tend to have more padding nowadays than when they were made from leather,Adidas Tyguns are a mid cut boxing boot with lots of padding around the heel and ankle,whereas their high cut Box Champ Speed boots that are still very popular are made from a MUCH lighter material that has a weave that is open enough to see through but with no padding at all.

The tongues are normally more padded than the rest of the boots to cushion the effects of lacing the boots up tightly for the extra support they can give,although a lot of boxers now like to wear their boots laced only part way up with the tongues folded down.

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Q: What are boxing boots made out of?
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