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One huge stereotype is that only black people can play Basketball. Another one is that if you're short, you can't play basketball.

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Q: What are basketball stereotypes?
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they wuld think dat you wuld play basketball!!!DUHHHH

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they only eat maple syrup, they play hockey, and they suck at basketball, and they all look like Justin bieber

What is a sentence for stereotypes?

Not all stereotypes are true.Some stereotypes are rather hilarious.They live up to all the stereotypes.

Why are there specific stereotypes of Jewish people?

The reality is there are stereotypes of every religon, and race out there. So if anything it would be odd if there weren't Jewish stereotypes. Not that stereotypes are a good thing in fact quite the contrary. However it is what it is.

Who do stereotypes affect?

Stereotypes affects everyone that is being targeted.

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Believe it or not but yes people do play stereotypes!!

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All those stereotypes about wearwolfs intimidate me

What is a list of stereotypes?

there are many stereotypes. racial/religious/sexual/etc

Do gay people have stereotypes about straight people?

Yes, there are straight stereotypes.

Can stereotypes be positive?

Yes, stereotypes can definitely be positive, but that does not mean they are true! C:

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Drunks. Stupid. Fighters. Like all stereotypes, these are not true.

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Three negative stereotypes are gender profiling, groups of individuals, and cultures.

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Most peoples (and religions) are steotyped and many of the stereotypes are not flattering. In the case of the Jews it's well known that many of the stereotypes are offensive and inflammatory. The same goes for traditional stereotypes of Blacks, for example. Often stereotypes seem to have originated with people who did not have much knowledge or understanding of the people they were stereotyping, and some stereotypes are caricatures and political propaganda.

What were the stereotypes of the Victorian Era?

Many gender stereotypes (mainly) as well as social classes.

What kind of stereotypes were created about the Old West?

what kind of stereotypes were created about the old west

What are some softball stereotypes?

No there are no stereotypes. It's just all about the game and going hard at it.

Why do blacks fulfill their stereotypes?

They do not. In the mind of a racist, anyone they are discriminatory against fulfills stereotypes.

Are there any negative stereotypes about people affected by?

There are many negative stereotypes about people affected by schizophrenia. One of the worst stereotypes is the belief that all people with schizophrenia are violent or dangerous.

Are there any negative stereotypes about people affected by schizophrenia?

There are many negative stereotypes about people affected by schizophrenia. One of the worst stereotypes is the belief that all people with schizophrenia are violent or dangerous.

What is to make a stereotype?

Stereotypes are widely held common beliefs about social groups, or different types of individuals. Stereotypes are beliefs, most of which are wrong. Stereotypes are not in and of themselves prejudice, but prejudice can result. For example, many believe that the Japanese are particularly brilliant, and there are similar stereotypes about the Germans being brilliant in science and engineering. These stereotypes don't seem to be negative and are possibly harmless. But even stereotypes like these might be used by some as a basis for harmful prejudices. There are many very unflattering stereotypes about many other nationalities and groups of every kind. So individuals don't really 'make' stereotypes; they develop over time within large populations and for various reasons. Individuals who don't give stereotypes much thought, or who are prone to prejudice, might easily fall into believing many negative stereotypes about groups and individuals from those groups.

Are there different stereotypes?

Yes, there are different stereotypes (as in more than one) between one group of people, and different stereotypes (as in not the same as other groups) for all groups of people. There are also differences in stereotypes on the level of negativity. Some are considered positive while others only negative.

Is there stereotypes about Hinduism?

no, there are no stereotypes about Hinduism. You might find some India western countries but they are very rare.

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There are positive and negative stereotypes. 1) Some positive stereotypes: the Jews are intelligent, inquisitive, successful, optimistic, fecund, what else did I forget... 2) Negative stereotypes: We're opinionated. Others: sorry, but these need not be repeated here or anywhere and are often mere racist hatred.

Does pride and prejudice reinforce or erode sexist stereotypes of women?

The novel Pride and Prejudice was written by Jane Austen. The theme of the book does not center around sexist stereotypes, but the story does reinforce sexist stereotypes of women.