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Leather or hole cloth!

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Q: What are basketball shorts made of?
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What is the difference between a boardshort and basketball shorts?

Boarding shorts is a term used for knee length surfing shorts, while basketball shorts are knee length basketball shorts. The only real difference is the colors on the shorts. The more colors on the shorts, the more likely you are wearing boardshorts.

How basketball shorts have changed?

Basketball shorts were very short and skin tight in the old days of basketball, around when the game was founded. However, since that time, shorts have progressively gotten longer and more baggier.

What is the difference between lacrosse shorts and basketball shorts?

jo mama

What do people wear in cote d'ivoire?

Black undershirt black basketball shorts black shorts black basketball shoes

What equipment do you wear for basketball?

Jersey, shorts, socks, and basketball shoes.

How are basketball shorts and soccer shorts different?

basketball shorts usually go to or past your knees and soccer shorts usually go to your mid-thighs - yes, I agree 1. Also, at one time soccer shorts were commonly made with woven taffeta fabric with a thicker draw string cord exposed on the outside of the waist. 2. With the advance of performance fabrics, knits have become more popular and soccer shorts are made with thinner draw string cord on the inside of the waist. 3. Since basketball shorts are usually worn with jersey's tucked in, it's important that the front rise and back rise hit near the waist. 4. I've seen some soccer shorts where the front and back rise probably wouldn't be suitable for basketball. 5. But,

How much money do basketball shorts cost?

Basketball shorts made by a brand-name company (i.e. Nike, Addidas, Spalding, etc.) will generally cost around $10-$15, going as cheap as $6-$8 (on sale/small brand) or as high as $20-$30 (collegiate named shorts) or even $35-$40 (NBA team shorts).

What clothes do they wear in boys basketball?

Usually a jersey some basketball shorts and basketball shoes

What equipment is used in basketball?

In basketball all you need is some basketball shorts some basketball shoes and a basketball hoop and ball.

What clothing do the basketball players wear in a basketball game?

t-shirt and shorts?

What equipment do you need basketball?

you need a Jersey silky shorts and basketball sneaker

Name something basketball players wear?

Basketball shoesshortsjersey

What is the outfit called for basketball?

jersey and shorts

What do basketball players wear on their legs?


When was They Sure Don't Make Basketball Shorts Like They Used To created?

They Sure Don't Make Basketball Shorts Like They Used To was created in 1998.

What are the origins of basketball shorts?

Basketball shorts have changed and altered as the eras went on. Michael Jordan is known to alter the shorts to their present high to accommodate his large frame, and to add extra comfort on the floor.

What matches with blue basketball shorts?

Gold, white, or red and white will complement the blue shorts.

What is basketball like now?

Today basketball players have long shorts. But during about 1920-1990 they had really short shorts. Now they have glass backboards and a collapsible.

What actors and actresses appeared in Basketball Shorts - 2008?

The cast of Basketball Shorts - 2008 includes: Aaron Kozak as Aaron Bernie Stern as Gale

What clothing do we need for basketball?

shorts t-shirt

How invented long basketball shorts?

Michael Jordan

Where can you find basketball shorts?

goodwill has an excellent selection!

What to wear to a basketball game?

Basketball jersey, basketball shorts, athletic socks and any type of basketball shoes and protective gear if needed.

What material is suitable for sports in hot weather?

Basketball-T-shirt, basketball shorts, shoes Football-light equipment soccer-shirt and shorts. swimming-light suit

Why do basketball players wear shorts to play basketball?

Well because you run alot so you get hot. There are also rules about no pockets on the shorts and that may have something to do with it im not sure