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they are made of rubber

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Q: What are baseball bases made from?
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What model are the bases in the Major League Baseball?

they are made like out of clay and plastic

What does a baseball player do on bases?

it bases on them

Why did they call baseball baseball?

It was probably because of the loaded bases. Baseball is the only important sport with bases loaded and running to and away from the bases. Also, the ball is called the baseball.

How far are the bases spread in baseball?

The bases in baseball are spread 60 feet

In Major League Baseball is there really 4 bases?

There are 4 bases in Major League Baseball.

How many bases are there in a baseball game?

There are 3 bases and a home plate on a baseball field diamond.

What do the bases in baseball weigh?

each one is different it is made under tons of pressure but i say about 5-10 pounds

What is the length between bases in baseball?

the length between bases in baseball is 90 ft. in each base

Feet between bases in Japanese baseball?

Same as American baseball...90 feet between the bases.

What is the distance in between the bases?

In Major League Baseball, College baseball and High School baseball, the distance between the bases is 90 feet.

How did baseball get its name?

they use bases and a ball: you "run the bases", three spots located on the baseball diamond, when you hit the ball.

How many feet are between bases on a baseball field?

On a major league baseball field it is 90 feet in between bases.

In baseball What are the distance in feet between the bases?

In baseball the distance in feet between the bases and home plate are 90 feet.

How much equipment is needed to play baseball?

The Simplest form of Baseball can be played with a baseball( or softball if you do not have a baseball), a Baseball bat, and some form of bases (or markers for bases). It is also smart to have Baseball gloves however it is possible to play without Baseball gloves.

What is the distance between bases on a youth baseball field?

the distance between the bases are 60 feet in little league, and youth baseball

What is the official distance of bases for North Carolina Middle School baseball?

90 feet Any middle school baseball field has 90 foot bases 90 feet Any middle school baseball field has 90 foot bases

In youth baseball is there really 3 bases?

There are 3 bases in all levels of baseball. Sometimes, younger kids call home plate a base (home base), but there are officially 3 bases.

How many bases are there?

In Baseball there are four bases: first, second, third, and home.

What is total bases in baseball?

It is all the bases the player has got throughout the season

What is the difference between open bases and closed bases in youth baseball?


What does it mean when the bases are loaded in baseball?

3 base runners on 3 bases

How many bases are in baseball?

there are 3 bases and 1 home plate not including the pitching mound.

How many bases in baseball?

there are 4 bases in baseball 1 st base, 2 nd base, 3rd base, and home plate.

What is the point of baseball?

The point of baseball is to hit the ball and run the bases.

Why is American baseball called baseball?

because you use bases. and a ball.