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Q: What are artificial luge tracks made out of?
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Why was luge made?

For fun.

How was luge made?

The Vikings are usually credited with being the inventors of luge sleds. They made them to slide down mountainsides in Olsofjord. The Vikings were actually conducting Luge races as early as 800 AD! The sleds were not very aerodynamic, but they were made heavy and strong for speed.

Is it posssible to Ice Skate on a Lugé or Skeleton or Bobsleigh Track?

Absolutely NOT it's way way too dangerous. The tracks they use for luge, skeleton, etc. are the FASTEST tracks in the world! You most definitely couldn't skate on them.

In what sport do competitors travel on a 'skeleton'?

Skeleton is an Olympic sport similar to bobsleigh. It is on the same tracks as the bobsleigh and luge. love, hannnananana

When was Auckland luge made?

Auckland Luge opened for business on 21 September 2007. It took approximately a year and a half to finish the site.

Which was first street luge or ice luge?

ice luge

What are train tracks made of?

Railroad tracks are made from steel.

What is faster the luge or the skeleton?


What are bmx tracks made of?

Bmx tracks are made of mostly lime and gravel

What nicknames does Rick Luge Ventures go by?

Rick Luge Ventures goes by Rick Luge.

What is the birth name of Rick Luge Ventures?

Rick Luge Ventures's birth name is Rick Luge.

When was luge created?

Sentosa Luge was created in 2005.