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You can relieve pain from a sports injury at home by doing several simple things. You can massage the area yourself or ask someone to do it for you. You can also gently stretch out the muscles and then relax them to try to help with the pain. A cold compress or heat applied to the area could help too.

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Q: What are are some ways to relieve pain from a sports injury at home?
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How do you relieve pain from an old foot injury?

To relieve the pain from an old foot injury you can apply hot and cold compresses in an alternating manner.

Does massages help relieve injury pain?

Many physical therapists will subscribe gentle massages to help alleviate injury pain.

Can ben-gay help a rotator cuff injury?

It can relieve pain, but it cannot heal tissue.

What is the anesthesia for head injury?

depending on the nature of the injury usually versed to relieve pain and propafol as a paralytic you do not lose consciousness but do not remember the surgery

What kind of home remedies are there to help relieve my elbow pain?

Elbow pain can be relieved in a common home setting by simply taking various medications to relieve pain, then relaxing your elbow and going through various exercises.

At what point should an injured student see a sports injury professional?

An injured student should see a sports injury professional if rest is not taking care of their injury. You should also see a sports injury professional whenever you have severe pain after working out.

What can you do at home to relieve the pain in your leg from a pinched nerve?

exercise exercise

What can I do to relieve lower left leg pain?

Gentle stretching is a good way to relieve leg pain. Look in your area for beginner Hatha yoga classes, which will teach you the proper ways to stretch without injury.

How do you relieve pain from cactus injury I have been pricked from the cactus plant causing swelling and sever pain?

An ice pack applied to the area where the cactus needle was can help relieve some of the pain. Be sure to remove the needles prior to applying the ice.

How do I stop the pain of ankle injury?

First, keep the leg with the ankle injury raised to maximize the blood flow. Then you should consider seeing a doctor if the pain doesn't stop. Take some soothing medicine also to relieve the pain.

How can I reduce the pains of an Achilles injury?

Rotate your foot injury in any direction to work the tendon back and that way it will stretch it out a little. You should try to minimize the pain by taking some antiseptics to relieve the pain.

How to sleep comfortably with an injury?

The best way to sleep comfortably with an injury depends on the type of injury. In general, a pillow under the hurt body part can help relieve pain during sleep.

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