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Pele began his career with Santos and ended his career with the New York Cosmos. He was born Edson Arantes do Nascimento.

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Q: What are all the teams that pele played for?
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What player has played for three different teams in the world cup?

Pele played in Brazil's World Cup Winning Teams of 1958, 1962 and 1970

Did Pele ever play any world cups with America?

Pele played all his world cups for Brazil, but he played club football with Cosmos.

When did Pele play his first match?

Pele played his first match when he was seventeen, and played for Brazil.

Who was Pele?

Pele Is The GREATEST Soccer PlAYER Of All Time, He Has Played For Many Teams & Was Very Famous When He Was In The Brazilian Soccer Team, which is where he is from.He is called Pele because when he was young he played pelados (street football) and was so good the other players called him Pele.His Full name isEdison Arantes do Nascimento

What team did Pele play with?

Pele played with Bauru in his Youth Career. He also played on Santos, New York Cosmos, and Brazil in his Senior Career.

Who played on the most losing all-star teams?

Brooks Robinson played on 15 losing All-Star Teams.

What team did Pele play pro for? played for two teams in his career, * [1956�1974] Santos FC, 1265 Appearances, 1124 Goals * [1975�1977] Cosmos, 111 Appearances, 65 Goals.

Did maradona ever played against Pele of Brazil?

maybe , Pele would have killed him I Maradona would go around him like a pylon that he is! Pele could not compete in the Level Maradona played in....

Who is better at soccer Pele or Ashraf?

Ashraf is way better at soccer then Pele, Ashraf played for Arsenal and South Africa he is also rated the best soccer player of all time

For which team the soccer player Pele played for?

The team that the soccer player Pele played for primarily at international level was his country Brazil. For most of his career, he played for the league team Santos in Brazilian football. He played for the New York Cosmos when Pele came to play in America.

What teams did Pele for?

Santos in Brazil and New York Cosmos. And the Brazilian national side, of course.

How many goals did Pele score in 4 world cup final tournaments?

In the three world cups Pele played in he must have scored only 10 goals.