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football. Baseball. Basketball. Water Polo. cross country. volleyball. soccer.

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Q: What are all the scholarship sports?
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What were all the sports Sally Ride played?

Just Tennis I think... She got a scholarship for that

Is Harvard a division 1 school?

yes they are Division I non scholarship in all sports.

Is Harvard a NCAA Division 1 school?

yes they are Division I non scholarship in all sports.

Is there a scholarship for playing sports with asthma?

yes, if your good at it. Plus you can get a scholarship for just about anything.

Do people who get a sports scholarship major in anything?


Can an immigrant get a sports scholarship?

Yes, if they are not here illegaly.

Can you lose your sports scholarship?

Yes, you can lose your sports scholarship for any number of reasons:Failure to participate in the sportSchool can no longer provide the scholarship They may be financial strappedThey may be sanctioned by the NCAA for violationsFailure to maintain academic eligibilityCareer ending injury

What are some of the sports in which you can get a scholarship from Harvard?

"Football is a very good sport to be in to try and get a scholarship. Also, you can try and get a scholarship in hockey, baseball, basketball and la crosse."

Sports can get you a scolership?

First of all, that is not how you spell the word SCHOLARSHIP meaning financial aid provided to a student on the basis of academic merit. To answer your question, YES it is true, sports can provide you for a scholarship, but only if you perform at a highly competitive level.

How may sports can you get a scholarship from?

I dont know go figure it out

Do academy sports help pay for college?

You can apply for a sports scholarship, which can reduce the financial strain on the student and/or parents.

How do you earn a scholarship?

There are many ways to earn a scholarship here are some basics....Sports scholarship (good at sports)Academic scholarship (good grades or GPA)Specific subject scholarship (a master of a specific subject) EX: dance, performing arts, physics, etc.~ Hope I helped~ From dograchie123