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The apparatus or equipment used by rhythmic gymnasts consists of : ball, hoop, ribbon, clubs and rope.

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2010-08-15 17:54:30
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Q: What are all the objects that you can use for rhythmic gymnastics?
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Participants in rhythmic gymnastics primarily use what three objects as props in their performances?

Rythmic Gymnasts use balls, ribbons, and hoops in their performances.

Which different apparatuses are used in rhythmic gymnastics?

Rope, ball, ribbon, hoop and clubs are the apparatuses that are used in rhythmic gymnastics. In rhythmic gymnastics a person can only use one apparatus at a time.

What is the criteria for judging in rhythmic gymnastics?

the judging for rhythmic gymnastics is similar to the judging for artistic gymnastics. Girls perform a routine, and are given points for difficulties completed, expression, and use of equipment.

Do you use pointe in rhythmic gymnastics?

no but you can in the dance in your routine but its not required!

What are the differences between acrobatic and rhythmic gymnastics?

In rhythmic gymnastics you use an object (like a ball or a ribbon) and only compete on floor. In artistic (or as you said, acrobatic) gymnastics, girls compete on beam, bars, floor and vault, they do not use any other object

How was rhythmic gymnastics created?

In 1814, Per Henrik Ling developed rhythmic gymnastics out of a Swedish system of free exercise. In 1837 Catherine Beecher developed a program where women would use this free exercise with music. In 1864, Dio Lewis extended this exercise by the use of hoops or clubs. In 1906 rhythmic gymnastics was introduced to North America. Women were allowed into the Olympic Games in 1928. In 1945 Rhythmic gymnastics was a accepted sport in the Soviet Union. Also in 1945, Canada had a rythmics program. In 1948, mens rhythmic gymnastics was originated in Japan. Rhythmic gymnastics was given its own medal standings in the 1952 and 1956 Olympics. In 1981, the sport was officially included into the Olympics. In 1990, rhythmic gymnastics was officially a sport for the Special Olympics

What music did Francesca Jones use in rhythmic gymnastics?

The Bird And The Worm, by The Used

What are the example of rythmic activities?

Rhythmic activities use rhythms as a major part of their process. Some examples are dance, rhythmic gymnastics, cheerleading, or marching band.

What are the different kinds of rhythmic gymnastics?

There only 1 rhythmic gymnastic. You use ropes, clubs, balls, hoops, and rubans. Then there are different kind of gymnastic. Acrobatic, artistic, rhythmic, and I don't know any other.

What classical music did Francesca Jones use in the 2012 Rhythmic Gymnastics AA Ball?

"Amor" by Craig Owen.

What is the difference between gymnastic-rhythmic and gymnastic-artistic?

rhythmic gymnastics is where you use ribbons and hoops and balls. Artistic gymnastics is when you have, for girls, Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor. For boys, Vault, High Bar, Pommel Horse, Rings, Floor, and Parallel Bars. - Hope I helped!

How do you use wand in rhythmic gymnastics?

I think the "wand" is the same as the stick. The stick is attached to the ribbon with a swivel so the ribbon can be controlled.

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