What are all the names of buffalo?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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African or Cape Buffalo are Syncerius caffer.

American Buffao are Bison bison.

Water Buffalo are Bubalus bubalis.

A few places named Buffalo are:

  • Buffalo, IL.
  • Buffalo, IN.
  • Buffalo, IA.
  • Buffalo, KS.
  • Buffalo, KY.
  • Buffalo, MN.
  • Buffalo, MO.
  • Buffalo, NE.
  • Buffalo, NY.
  • Buffalo, ND.
  • Buffalo, OK.
  • Buffalo, SC.
  • Buffalo, SD.
  • Buffalo, TX.
  • Buffalo, WV.
  • Buffalo, WY.

There is a Buffalo Bayou in Texas and numerous Buffalo rivers and creeks.

There was a Buffalo Bill, a Buffalo Bob, Buffalo Jim and a Buffalo Hump. There has been a Buffalo Six and a Buffalo nine.

There are all kinds of Sports teams that use the name like the Buffalo Bills and the Colorado Buffalos.

The military has had ships, aircraft and vehicles named Buffalo and Buffalo Soldiers eat Buffalo Wings,

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Q: What are all the names of buffalo?
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