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The only one I can think of is Edson which is pele

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Q: What are all the names of a famous soccer player that his name starts with an e?
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Michael Irvin is a famous football player. Dan Issel is a famous basketball player.

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Jim Thorpe is a famous athlete. Tim Tebow is a famous football player.

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Some famous players are ronaldinio(its hard to spell the name) which is in the Brazilian team,Pele which was a very famous soccer player and was named worlds best soccer player, David beckham which u can say is world famous, and manye others but i cant seem to remember more names.there is also Mia hamm which is number 9 Maradona who i belive is number 10 and then there is also Fernando Torres. i know alot of these names because i love soccer!!!!!!!

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Hank Aaron

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espanyol real madrid barcelona

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some popular soccer players names are David Beckham,Freddy Adu, and Mia Hamm these are some popular men and women soccer players

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