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Gallops/flat-racing - Where the horses run around an oval/circular track at a gallop with a jockey riding them. Trots/pacing/harness-racing - Where the horse tows a "sulky" (light-weight two-wheeled cart). They either "pace" where they move their legs laterally and have to wear hobbles or they trot. Galloping is not allowed. Steeple-chasing/hurdling - Where the horses jump obstacles (in steeple-chasing it is usually big hedges and water obstacles, in hurdling it is usually smaller, safer obstacles that they are able to jump at speed). These races are long and derive from point-to-pointing. Point-to-pointing - The earliest form of steeple-chasing. PTP is basically a "hunt" but without any hounds or quarry. The horses and riders race from one "point" to another, used to be from one church to another which is why "steeple-chasing" is so named. There are also things like sledge-racing on the snow and "skijoring" where the horse tows a jockey on skis.

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Q: What are all the kinds of horse racing?
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