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In the modern day pentathlon, there is Fencing, swimming, running, shooting, and riding.

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Q: What are all the events in pentathlon?
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How does someone win a pentathlon?

winning all or a lot of the events...

What is a contest with 5 track and field events?

In the old days, a pentathlon.

How competitions are in the Olympics pentathlon?

As indicated by the prefix penta-, there are five events in a pentathlon.

What is the difference between pentathlon and heptathlon?

A Pentathlon has 5 event and a Heptathlon has 8 events :)

How many events has the Olympic Pentathlon?


How many events in the modern pentathlon?


Which sports was the combination of five events?


What is an athletic contest of five events?


What is name of contest with 5 events?


What kind of athlete is likely to participate in a pentathlon?

An all round athlete who is good at several events

How many sports are there in the pentathlon?

There are five sports in a pentathlon. The modern-day pentathlon has events in shooting, swimming, fencing, equestrian and cross country running.

What does 5 e in a p stand for?

Events in a pentathlon.

What is a athletic event called with five events?


Number of combined events in a decathlon and a pentathlon?


How many combined events are in a decathlon and a pentathlon?

The Decathlon is comprised of Ten (10) events. The Pentathlon is comprised of Five (5) events.There are a combined fifteen (15) events. However, the pentathlon's five events are also encompassed within the decathlon as well. Therefore, technically there are only Ten (10) unique events between the two competitions.

Which sport was the combination of five events for the Greeks?

The sport that had a combination of five events was the pentathlon

What events made up the pentathlon of the ancient Olympics?

== The events of the Pentathlon in the ancient Olympics were: 1) a foot race that history has deemed to be approximately 150-200 meters

What were the five events that were part of the original pentathlon?


What does 5 E on a P stand for?

5 Events in the Pentathlon

What is the Pentathlon?

The ancient Greek pentathlon consisted of five events: discus, javelin, long jump, a foot-race which was most likely a stade long, and wrestling. Of these five events, the first three belonged solely to the pentathlon while running and wrestling were also separate events in and of themselves.

How many timed sports are in the Olympics?

All swimming and track events. Also events in canoeing, equestrian, cycling, rowing, sailing, pentathlon, and triathlon.

What sport was the combination of five events in the first olympic games?


Why is it called modern pentathlon if there are only 4 events?

Because there's 5 events not 4 lol

What ancient Olympic contest included discus javelin long jump running and wrestling?

The pentathlon included all those events.

What track and field competition involves athletes competing in five events?