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The NHL is the major professional league for Canada and the U.S. Then there's minor pro, also considered to be a farm system, which includes the AHL, ECHL and a couple of others I don't really know. In Canada, the next step down is Junior hockey, under the umbrella of the CHL. That's divided into the WHL, OHL, QMJHL, and includes players up to high school. The NHL website has links to all of this stuff. You forget to mention the European elite leagues, where the Russians and the Finns, Chezks and Swedes play. They send their fair share of players to the NHL.

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Q: What are all the different professional hockey leagues how are they different and do they interact with each other?
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How many minutes in hockey period?

In professional hockey there is 20 minutes a period in smaller leagues it varies.

If you are really good at hockey how do you make it to the professional leagues?

go to college and you have a chance to get drafted by a team

What type of information does the Hockeydb website provide?

Hockydb is a data base site for hockey. It has lists including professional, semi professional, college and junior leagues. Information for American, Canadian, and European leagues are available.

What is the current penalty for headshots in hockey?

In minor hockey it's 4 minutes unless it's accidental, and 10 if there's intent to injure. Professional leagues vary, most are still standard 2 minute penalties

Was there a rover in hockey?

Yes. Hockey leagues everywhere dropped them in the mid 1920's.

Is there a french hockey league?

Yes there are hockey leagues. The major league is called "Ligue Magnus"

What are some roller hockey leagues in Toronto?

Durham Region Inline Hockey plays out of Oshawa

What professional sporting leagues have licensed fitted hats?

Professional sporting leagues that have licensed fitted hats include, Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball League (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL), and the National Football League (NFL). If you want to include auto racing into "professional sporting leagues" then you could also add all three major NASCAR series, IZOD Indy Car series, and Formula 1.

Where on a map are the national hockey leagues?

north America and Canada

In which city is The Hockey News headquartered?

The Hockey News reports on the latest updates and news of the National Hockey Leagues. The Hockey News are headquartered in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

How many hockey players in Edmonton area?

Not sure really what you are asking. There are many minor hockey leagues in Edmonton along with junior and senior leagues. Of course there is the Oilers and their WHL team but really it is impossible to tell how many hockey players there are in Edmonton.

What is a AAA hockey team?

There are different levels of hockey, depending both on skill and age. Tier hockey refers to the upper levels of hockey and includes the AA and AAA levels. AAA (higher than AA) refers to one of the highest levels of amateur or minor professional hockey. This is a similar ranking system as used by baseball. This does apply to professional minor league hockey, such as the AHL being considered AAA and the ECHL considered AA, both being minor leagues and both being professional leagues.