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I can think of 9 1) UNC 2) Duke 3) N.C State 4) Wake Forest 5) UNC Charlotte 6) UNC Ashville 7) UNC Greensboro 8) East Carolina 9) North Carolina A&T There might be more this is all I could come up with

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Q: What are all the different Division One men's basketball teams in North Carolina?
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What are the division 1 basketball schools in North Carolina?

Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC-Asheville, UNC-Greensboro, Davidson, Gardner-Webb, Coastal Carolina, Western Carolina, North Carolina State, East Carolina, and Appalachian State. All these schools are Division I in NCAA Basketball.

How many championships did North Carolina win?

In basketball they have won 5 championships in Division 1.

What university has the most wins in men's NCAA Division 1 basketball?

Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas

Who won the 2009 NCAA division 1 mens basketball championship?

North Carolina Tar Heels

When was North Carolina Miss Basketball created?

North Carolina Miss Basketball was created in 1985.

Which NCAA Division 1 men's basketball team will win the national championship?


What NCAA mens basketball coach has most division 1 wins?

Richard Pennington of Mocksville, North Carolina

When was North Carolina Mr. Basketball created?

North Carolina Mr. Basketball was created in 1985.

What two schools hold the record for most wins in college basketball in any division?

Duke and North CarolinaAnswerKentucky and North Carolina AnswerKentucky and North Carolina are #1 and #2. with kansas #3, duke #4, st john's #5

Who leads the series between duke and North Carolina in basketball?

North Carolina

Who won the 1983 NCAA basketball national championship?

North Carolina State defeated Houston, 54-52, to win the 1983 NCAA Division I basketball championship.

How many division one football teams are in North Carolina?

Division 1-A - 5 North Carolina, North Carolina State, Duke, East Carolina, Wake Forest Division 1-AA - 7 North Carolina A&T, Appalachian State, Campbell, Davidson, Elon, Gardner-Webb, Western Carolina

What professional sports teams are based in North Carolina?

There are a few different professional sports teams based in North Carolina. One team is known as the Carolina Niners, and it is a basketball team.

Who won national championship in 1993?

North Carolina beat Michigan to win the 1993 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship.

North Carolina vs uva mens basketball game 1982?

North Carolina

Ncaa division 1 basketball wins in the last ten years?

In men's NCAA Division I basketball, the winners over the past five years, starting with 2014 and going backwards are: Connecticut, Louisville, Kentucky, Connecticut, and Duke. The next five, starting in 2009 and going backwards are: North Carolina, Kansas, Florida, Florida, and North Carolina.

What sports originated in North Carolina?


What is the web address of the Carolina Basketball Museum in Chapel Hill North Carolina?

The web address of the Carolina Basketball Museum is:

What are the 6 schools who have the most winning history in ncaa division 1 men's basketball?

North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, UCLA, Indiana, Duke

Who was the basketball coach of the 1982 North Carolina basketball team?

Dean Smith

Who is better in basketball North Carolina or Duke?

In 2017, North Carolina has a better record than Duke. North Carolina is 14 - 4. Duke is 11 - 7.

How many division two football teams are in North Carolina?

There are 12 division 2 football teams in North Carolina. Click the link for a list of these teams.

What is the phone number of the Carolina Basketball Museum in Chapel Hill North Carolina?

The phone number of the Carolina Basketball Museum is: 919-962-6000.

How many times has the university of North Carolina played a men basketball game in North Carolina?

some should hunt you down and shoot north carolina.

What basketball conference does North Carolina belong to?