What are all the caps of Jaywooz?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Ok peeps in woozworld i totally found all of jaywooz's caps

  1. the first cap i found at rookie quests

  2. the second is at the stylz shop

  3. the third is at foodz showroom

  4. the fourth is at woozmart

  5. the fifth is at woozworld stadium

  6. the sixth is at libstreet fashion room

  7. the seventh is at gluttonz zoo

  8. the eighth is at movie theatre

  9. the ninth is at mya wooz's new boutique

  10. and the tenth is at max wooz's game show ok that's all soo guys if u wanna no me more in woozworld my name is jacygee ..... Soo just text me see ya later in woozworld

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Q: What are all the caps of Jaywooz?
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Where are all of jaywooz's caps?

hello dear friends, these are the places where u can find jaywooz caps, -stylz shop -woozmart -rookie quest -max game show -lib street fashion room -woozworld stadium -foodshowroom -myawooz boutique -gluttonz zoo -movie theatre from, A Friend Of WoozWorld.

Where are the caps of jaywooz in woozworld?

these are were all the caps are is woozworld.-Rookie Quests-Stylz Shop-Foodz Showroom-Woozmart-Woozworld stadium-Libstreet Fashion room-Gluttonz Zoo--Movie Theatre-Mya Wooz's new boutique

What is jaywooz emai and password on woozworld?


What do you get when you complete jaywooz cap hunt?

When you find his caps: If ur a vip: u get a DJ booth and a guitar If ur a normal woozen: u get a dj booth

Who is the oldest animater of all time on woozworld?

jaywooz i think

Who is the oldest animator and moderator in all time on woozworld?

myawooz and jaywooz

Where are jay wooz's caps in wooz world?

JAYWOOZ CAPS-rookie quests-Stylz Shop-Foodz Showroom-Woozmart-Woozworld stadium-Libstreet room-Gluttonz Zoo--Movie Theatre-Mya Wooz's new boutique-max's show

Where is all the Jaywooz caps in woozworld?

i have 7 out of 10 and what i did is go to the world symbol at the bottom and go to nations and woozworld plaza and just went to all of them (that's not woozband only) and that's where i got them but i still need 3 my woozen name is my log in on here add me plz

What is a JayWooz on woozworld?

Well there is only 1 JayWooz, and he is an animator, on Ww (aka WoozWorld)

What is jaywooz fav sport?


What is jaywooz favorite color?


What is jaywooz favorite animal?

its a donkey