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Q: What are all the birthdays of Liverpool players?
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What country do Liverpool fc come from?

The football club is based in Liverpool, England, but the players come from all over the world.

Where do Liverpool players live?

They can live anywhere! However depending on what club you play for (Liverpool) they are advised to stay in or close to the city. Mist Liverpool players live in Liverpool

All players to score 4 past Liverpool?

andrei Arshavin did for arsenal....

Current premiership players who have won the European cup but they have not won the premiership?

hyypia, Carragher,Gerrard, Finnan etc. Liverpool players... /Qamyar

Is there any football players who have played at all of Liverpool Man United and Arsenal?

micheal owen has played for liverpool and man u

Which three Liverpool players have gone from Liverpool to barcelona?

Noone, but some Liverpool players has gone to Real Madrid, like Xabier 'Xabi' Alonso

What Liverpool players have played for Finland?

The Liverpool player who plays for Findland is HYPIA

Did Nicolas anelka score an own goal for Manchester united while playing for Liverpool?

Not at Liverpool he did not. See here ( list of all own goals scored by Liverpool players

All Liverpool players named Erric Neil that played in the late 70s?

there was none get used to it get a job

What three players played in all three derby matches at Manchester milano and Liverpool?

Paul Ince

How much football players are in Liverpool?


What Liverpool players who have been capped for England whilst playing for Liverpool and playing abroad?