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The Mexcian Association Football teams are as follows:

  • Club Atletico Morelia
  • Cruz Azul
  • Futbol Mexicano
  • Las Chivas Rayadas
  • Las Jaibas
  • Los Tiburones Rojos
  • Potros de Hierro del Atlante
  • Pumas de la U.N.A.M.
  • Rayados del Monterrrey
  • Tecos de la U.A.G.

They can be translated as:

Format: Institution/City - Mascot

  • America - Eagle
  • Atlante F.C. - Iron Steed
  • Atlas - Fox
  • Chiapas - Jaguar
  • Cruz Azul - Rabbit/The Machine
  • Guadalajara - Goat
  • Monterrey - "Rayado"
  • Morelia - King
  • Necaxa - Lightning Bolt
  • Pachuca - "Tuzo"
  • Puebla F.C. - "Camotero"
  • Santos Laguna - Warrior
  • Sinaloa - Dorado
  • Toluca - Red Devil
  • U.A.G. - Owl
  • U.A.N.L. - Tiger
  • U.N.A.M. - Puma
  • Veracruz - Red Shark
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There are 18 teams in the Mexican Soccer League. As of June 2010, they are (alphabetically):

  • América
  • Atlante
  • Atlas
  • Chivas
  • Cruz Azul
  • Jaguares
  • Monterrey
  • Monarcas Morelia
  • Necaxa
  • Pachuca
  • Puebla
  • Querétaro
  • Pumas U.N.A.M.
  • San Luis
  • Santos Laguna
  • Estudiantes Tecos
  • Tigres U.A.N.L.
  • Toluca
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In the Primera De Mexico:

Santos Laguna

UANL (Tigres)

Monterrey (Rayados)

Club America (Aguilas)

Pachuca FC

Puebla FC

Morelia (Monarcas)


Cruz Azul

Guadalajara (Chivas)

UNAM (Pumas)

Estudiantes Tecos


Chiapas (Jaguares)




San Luis

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Guadalajara Chivas

Cruz Azul

Aguilas del America

Rayados de Monterrey


Are some of them

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america, atlas, cruz azul. guadalajara, ciudad universitaria (pumas),monterrey, atlante, necaxa,

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Q: What are all the Mexican association football teams in alphabetical order?
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