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Central Forward

Left Forward

Right Forward

Left Mid Field

Right Mid Field

Left Center Midfield

Right Center Midfield

Defensive Midfield

Center Defensive Midfield

Left Defensive Midfield

Right Defensive Midfield

Defensive Attacking Midfield

Left/Right Defensive Attacking Midfield

Central/Left/Right Midfield

Left Wing Back

Right Wing Back

Center Back/Sweeper

Left/Right Corner Back


Central Attacking Defensive Center Back

Central Forward Midfield

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Goalie is the only determined position in soccer. He us the only player who can use his hands and only inside the goalie box of his side if the field. All ten of the other players are considered outfield players. They are not limited in their roles and may interchange positions freely. Typically, players will specialize in a certain role. Defenders specialize in keeping the opposition from scoring. Attacking players will attempt to score. Midfield players play between the two, usually defending and attacking. There are other more specific names for defenders, midfielders and forewords, such as strikers and sweepers, but those are the main ones.

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These are all the possible postitions used in Soccer:

GK (Goalkeeper)

SW (Sweeper)

CB (Centre Back)

LB (Left Back)

RB (Right Back)

LWB (Left Wing Back)

RWB (Right Wing Back)

CDM (Centre Defensive Midfielder)

CM (Centre Midfielder)

LM (Left Midfielder)

RM (Right Midfielder)

CAM (Centre Attacking Midfielder)

LW (Left Winger)

RW (Right Winger)

LF (Left Forward)

RF (Right Forward)

CF (Centre Forward)

ST (Striker)

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I'll just go through the basics first.

11 Players on the field

1 Goalkeeper

3-5 Defenders

3-6 Midfielders

1-4 Attackers/Strikers

Now, all of the positions

Goalkeeper - Stays in the penalty area most of the time, but can venture out to clear an oncoming ball. Only player who can use his hands and it has to be in the penalty area.

Sweeper - The Defender, (which no one ever mentions) that plays behind the rest of the back three and tries to clear up if the defense make a mistake. There can only be one in each team.

Right/Left Back - The Full Backs. They receive the ball out wide and make runs down the wing or pass it. They also cover if a centre back goes forward and can't get back in time.

Right/Left Wing Back - These are more attacking full backs, and are usually used when there are three centre backs (2 cb 1 sweeper etc.) They make runs down the wing and are usually good at playing as a wide midfielder.

Centre Backs - The main defenders. They are solid and good in the air. They stop attackers from running past them but sometimes are beaten, as they are less pacey and less agile.

Defensive Midfielders - Or Holding Midfielders. Either way, they protect the back four, and play just behind the Midfield. They are also quite strong and have good stamina, to get back and forward again. They make very good long passes out to the wing and to the attacker.

Central Midfielders - Are good at attacking and defending. They also have good stamina to attack and defend. They have very good short passing o try and make sneaky passes around other defenders, and can see other players making runs better than most other players.

Right/Left Midfielders - Some people mix these up with wingers. They are almost the same thing, except wingers play further up the pitch, leaving them in the attacking area. They usually are the most physically gifted players in the game. They have good pace stamina and sometimes strength. They run down the wing, whip in a ball into the penalty area for the striker, and can cut in and shoot on occasions.

Attacking Midfielders - The Attacking side of the midfield. Have the best passing and long shots, to have a crack from outside the area. They can also play all around the attacking line, sometimes being able to play as a Centre Forward or Striker too.

Forwards - There are three forward positions. Left Forward, Right Forward and Centre Forward. None of them play out on the wing, and you can only have 2 on at once. They are also good at shooting and dribbling (Running with the ball). They can make short passes to strikers and can take penalties or free kicks.

Right/Left Wingers - Normally the fastest players on the pitch, so they can get round defenders. They cross in brilliant balls, and have very good skills. They are also good at shooting, so they can cut in and shoot, not necessarily on their weak foot, as sometimes, they don't have one.

Strikers - Finally we've reached the end of the list. A striker, usually stays in the opponents half and on occasions (maybe when the team is 1-0 up with a minute to go etc.) he will help defend. He most of the time is very strong and good on the ball. He can shoot and pass making him the ultimate attacker,

The most common formations are as following


4-4-2 - Just a standard 1 GK, 1RB, 1 LB, 2 CB. 1RM, 1LM, 2CM and 2ST.

4-3-3 - Same back 4, 3CMs or 1 of each CM, RM, and LM, one winger on each side and either a CF or ST in the middle, depending on who the player is.

4-5-1 - Again, same back four, 2 CDMs, A wide midfielder on each side and a CAM, and then a Striker.

3-5-2 - 3 CBs, 2CDMs, 1LM, 1RM, 1 CAM, 1 CF, 1ST or 2 STs

5-4-1 - Usually 3 CBs but you can have 2 CBs and a SW, 1 CDM/CM, 1 RM, 1LM, 1 CAM and 1 ST.

Some formations have more than three numbers. This just indicates where there is a gap with no positions.. e.g a 4-2-3-1, probably the most common Premier League (England) formation, just means, There is no CM or RM/LM It's the normal 4 defenders, 2 CDM, 1 CAM, one RAM and one LAM (Right/Left Attacking Midfielders) They're pretty much the same as CAMs though - and a Striker.

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Goalie, defence, midfield, and forward there is also striker which is basically like forward

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there is goalie, sweeper, fullbacks(or defenders), midfielders, and forwards(sometimes called strikers)

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Goalie (goalkeeper), defender (centre back, right back, left back), midfielder (centre midfield, right midfield, right winger, left midfield, left winger) and striker (centre forward)

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Forward, midfield, defender, and goalie.

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When you are a child playing soccer you choose a position that you enjoy most or that you are best at after trying out all of the positions. You work at the position and it becomes your position.

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The soccer positions are forward, mid field, wing, goal keeper, sweeper, bench and back.

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for example if you wanted to know about soccer, you would go to google and search soccer positions

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The Laws of the Game define one (and only one) position: the Goalkeeper. Many coaches will say that there are no positions in soccer, because the players are not limited to only certain parts of the playing field; 'positions' are just strategical guidelines.

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