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Q: What are all of Marc Andre fleurys hobbies?
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What college did Marc-Andre Fleury go to?

All of the Staal brothers went to the Thunder Bay Christian School

What important happens in the story of La Machine A Rajeunir in each city that they visit?

Marc-Andre, Hugo and Sophie went to a museum and there was this guy he gave them a ticket and ever since that visit they started getting younger. Marc-Andre started having hair on his head, he wasn't bald anymore. Hugo had no pop belly and his hair started getting darker. Sophie started looking younger and smaller. Marc-Andre was shocked, he thought it was a disease or something so he decided to go at Percee to see if they can get back to normal but there was this helicopter following them. Marc-Andre thought there were spies in there. Hugo and Sophie became teenagers. They were like crazy. They stopped by a store to buy some beer because they were thirsty, and suddenly they were driving like crazy because they thought it was cool. The police stopped them. they asked for their driver's liscence. Hugo and Sophie forgot that Marc-Andre was their son and also the police didn't believe that they were the owner of the driver's liscence because they looked so old in the picture. The police asked them to put their hand in the air . Sophie got so scared that she hit the police with the car door and drove the car really fast to loose the police. Hugo was mad and he asked her why did she do that? They finally lost the police. Hugo and Sophie were holding hands like people who were in love. they stood by a tree to kiss each other. Marc-Andre had impression they were going to kiss for the whole day. Then, there was this minivan that stopped beside them and they had to lie that they were kidnapped so that the people in the minivan(Luce and Henri d'Estragon) could let them and so that they could hide from the police. Marc-Andre could not believe that his mother looked so beautiful. Hugo got jealous so he was trying to stop Marc-Andre from looking Sophie. Marc-Andre's parents kept getting younger and younger. The people in the minivan got mad and decided to drop them on the street. Hugo's clothes kept getting bigger and you could almost not see beard on his face. So Marc-Andre had to tie the clothes on him a little.They went to this bus or airport station to buy ticket to travel to Percee but they didnt want to sell them the tickets because they looked to young so they kicked them out. They decided to keep walking. Hugo and Sophie became like a bunch of 1year olds. Their feet hurt b/c they weren't wearing shoes so they started crying. they found a place to sleep but Hugo and Sophie were making so much noise by fighting over a stick and by crying to go pi. Finally they slept. The next day, Hugo and Sophie became like newborns. Marc-Andre started to worried because he was thinking that after they are going to just disappear. the people who were in the helicopter came up to Marc-Andre and Jose to grab the babies but they escape them. Marc-Andre And Jose found themselves in an airport and there were police there so the spies ran through the forest. Marc-Andre and Jose ran to an airplane with the babies. the pilot's nickname was super hero because his workers said his brave. When the police tried to stop all of the airplanes in the airport, Marc-Andre told super hero to start the airplane b/c if not these babies are going to die(disappear). When they got to Percee, they land the airplane on the road and they saw a bunch of people surround them. Super hero tried to grab their attention. Marc-Andre and Sophie found the machine and the guy who gave them the ticket to get younger.Marc-Andre asked hi why did he do that, he said h didn't know they just paid him to give every 100 persons a ticket. The spies people tried again to get the babies but unfortunately Marc-Andre and Jose kicked their butt. Jose was scared to try the machine but she was like why not. Marc-Andre went in their and the babies and Jose pressed a button and they looked just as old as they were. Hugo and Sophie didn't know where they were. Sophie's hair hid her face so Hugo tried to move them so that he could see her face. All he could see was a beautiful women with blue eyes and so on. They grabbed a clothes and threw at Hugo and Sophie because they naked. They ran outside b/c the machine a rajeunir was going to explode. Everything in the machine a rajeunir place was gone. the police was shocked. Luce and Francois D'Estragon who abandoned them came up to them with amazement. Everything got back to normal again. That's all I could remember. Hope it helps!

How many grandchildren does Andre Rieu?

Pierre and his wife Eefje have a set of twin girls Linde and Lieke and son Marc and partner Andrea have a son Ivan and daughter Fleur.

Is Andre the giant big shows dad?

No, The Big Show and Andre The Giant aren't related at all!

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his hobbies were to work all day for street kids

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Who said 'This was the unkindest cut of all' in Julius Caesar?

Marc Antony. Marc Anthony actually said "This was the most unkindest cut of all".

How did Andre Breton die?

It was never disclosed how Andre Breton actually died. All that is known is that he was 70 and died in 1966.

Does Andre ethier takes steriods?

Andre has passed all of his tests and has not been suspended in his career, so I would say no.

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