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With ONLY a tennis ball, you are pretty much limited to Catch, or maybe hot potato.

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Q: What are a list of games you can play with just a tennis ball?
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What sports do Estonias play?

Soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, vormel, car racing (rally), ball games, badminton, hockey (room hockey), swimming, rowing this is long list................

What are the required properties of a tennis ball?

The required properties of a tennis ball for use at the professional level are too complex to list on this website. Click on the International Tennis Federation - - the guiding body for all professional tennis - - link, below, for information.

List 20 examples of how technology has improved the olympic games?


List three games they played in Elizabethan?

Tennis, bowling, archery.

List of ball sports?

There is basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, softball, baseball, football, croquet and I think that is it.

List of indoor games in India?

chess ludo snakes and ladders table tennis dark room

List the forces that act on a tennis ball during a game and explain how each force affects the tennis ball?

The forces are:Gravity: This pulls the ball downwards and towards the ground.Wind: This affects how much it moves side to side while still in the air.There are probably many more but these are all I could think of.

Previous winners of table tennis in all Olympics?

Over 100 medals have been awarded for table tennis at the Olympic Games, so too many to list here.

Can you give you name brands of different types of tennis balls?

Click on the 'Approved Tennis Balls' link on this page to see a list of manufactures and ball numbers approved by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) for the 2007 season. There must be at least 200 tennis balls listed on the linked page.

What are the best games to get mulch on binweevils?

Here's a list.. -dirt valley track 3 -weevil match -2 ball 6 ball and 12 ball

Can you give me a long list of ball games?

Netball Basketball Volleyball Table tennis Soccer Floor ball Captain's ball Rugby Poison ball Baseball Cricket Squash Badminton Lacrosse Bowling Golf Pool Sepak Takraw Dodgeball Downball Bocce Cycle ball Croquet Fistball Flickerball Hockey Hooverball Hurling Korfball Polo Racquet ball Rounders Stickball Shinty Skee ball Street ball Tee ball Tchoukball Ringo Paddleball Newcomb ball

List three ways you can commit a fault while serving in tennis?

Hitting the net full on. Hitting the net and the ball carries on over it. Foot crossing the line when you hit the ball. Hitting the ball full on and it does not land in the field of play.

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