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are you kidding me?

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Q: What are a golfer's favorite bones?
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What is a golfers favorite sandwich?

a golfer's favorite sandwich is a CLUB SANDWICH!

What is the favorite golf ball of golfers?

Titleist's ProV1

What is Brookelle Bones favorite food?


What is scotty mccreery's favorite snack?

doggy bones

How many golfers?

Worldwide, are an estimated 50 to 61 million golfers. In the UnitedStates, there are an estimated 26 to 37 million golfers.

How many professional golfers are there in the US?

There are more than 27,000 professional men and women golfers in the United States. These golfers are trained through the PGA - the Professional Golfers' Association of America.

Do professional golfers get paid overtime?

No. Professional golfers in a tournament get paid depending on their standings. Otherwise, professional golfers get paid for teaching.

Why do golfers where special shoes?

most golfers just wear it for fashions and shoe contracts

What is Flavor Flav's favorite food?

Rapper Flavor Flav from Public Enemy's favorite food is fish bones.

When was Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers created?

Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers was created in 1744.

How do you find your favorite golf professional?

Try going to - you can search for golf pros based on ratings provided by other golfers. You can also search by location, age range, male/female. There's not many pros onboard yet, so if you've had a lesson, please ask them to register and they can then be found by other golfers around the world!!

What are golfers mound?