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Q: What are a baseball teams best pitchers called?
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How many starting pitchers are on a major league baseball team?

Five pitchers are used in a starting rotation for baseball teams. Sometimes in the post-season teams will use a rotation consisting of their best three or four pitchers only, to maximize their chances of winning a series.

What teams did Dizzy Dean play on?

Dizzy Dean is one of the best pitchers in The MLB

In 2009 who were the best little league baseball pitchers?

J.Sheffield, J.Dougherty, G.Grow

What is a baseball teams best pitcher?


Why do major league baseball pitchers wear necklace?

They want to look their best in front of the fans!

Where did the baseball term 'pitching aces' originate?

the term "ace" was used for an elite pilot; the best of the squadron. The term is used in baseball as the best pitcher in the team's group of pitchers.

What teams are the best in baseball?

One's that can actually hit the ball

Best little league baseball team?

Chula Vista Little league, outstanding hitters and tough pitchers

What are the best baseball teams ever?

The New York Yankees and that's it!

Who is Satchel Page?

The first African American to play in the American League. He is considered one of the best pitchers baseball ever had.

Who are some of the best modern baseball players?

This question is a matter of opinion. There are many active players and pitchers that could be considered the "best". Hitters like Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter could be considered the best in some opinions. You also have to take into account pitchers and PED's.

What is it called when you pick all the best sports teams?


Who is the top AAU baseball program in the US?

the best aau baseball program is Legends baseball of New England. Their teams are amazing

What was Molly Pitchers accoplisments?

jenny is the best......................................

The best teams for baseball?

The New York Yankees and only the New York Yankees.

In the sentence you watched the best teams playing baseball is playing functioning as an adjective or a verb?

It is a verb

Who are the best major league baseball teams predicted to be in 2009?

The Yankees they won the series too

Who were the most elite teams and athletes of the 50s?

# the Giants (football) the Yankees (Baseball) best in football Sammy Baugh in baseball it was Yogi Berra

Who is better at baseball U.S or Canada?

The U.S because there of the stats the teams get, and the U.S has the 3 best teams in MBL the Yankees, the Phillies,and the Red-socks.Thats where i end my point.

Who are the 3 best pitchers for the seattle mariners?

The top 3 pitchers for the Seattle mariners are Randy Johnson, Felix Hernandez and Jamie Moyer.

Who was bob Gibson?

He was one of the best pitchers in MLB history.

What were some of the outstanding baseball pitching records of Cy Young?

All major league pitchers want to win the Cy Young award. It's a great honor and befitting that baseball's best pitcher of a season earns this award. Cy Young was a great pitcher and from 1890 he began a string of fifteen 20-30 win seasons. He pitched for several MLB teams and has 511 wins.

What foreign countries are best for professional baseball?

Cuba, Japan, Korea, and the Dominican Republic are all big nations where teams are highly scouted by the major leagues since teams are at par or better with MLB teams here in America.

What are the best kind of cleats for baseball?

the best kind of cleats for baseball are METAL cleats and a type called NIKE or Adidas i mostly perfer a type called SHOX

Why was there a tie in the all-star game in the 2000s in baseball?

The All-Star Game was an exhibition designed to showcase lots of the best players from both leagues, and managers were under a lot of pressure to get every player on their roster into the game. Due to this, the teams eventually ran out of players and simply couldn't continue once their pitchers got too tired.