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Well, first of all, your seat. You need to relax your back and sit back. I say "whoa" in a nice, easy tone. That should do it, otherwise, pull back, but not too hard on the reins and then release when they stop.

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Q: What are The aids to stop a horse?
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What are the aids to control a horse?

To control a horse - Squeeze/Kick - Walk on or quicken pace (Whether squeeze or kick depends on your horse) Gentle pull on reins - Stop Legs back and lean forward - Gallop/jump

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What are aids when you ride a horse?

Aids are methods of commanding your horse. There are natural aids and artificial aids. Examples of artificial aids are: crops, whips, spurs and harsh bits. Examples of natural ones are: leg pressure, voice commands, seat and posture. Aids, hence their name, aid in getting the horse to perform certain maneuvers. Crops aid in making the horse go faster and voice commands aid in getting the horse to understand what the rider is asking.

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I have never heard this expression before but it sounds like making contact with your horse either with seat, legs or hands. Basically it means aids to your horse. Aids are a way to communicate with your horse with the riders legs, seat, (butt) or hands. Sometimes you can use all 3 of these aids at the same time. When you are very good at it, observers will see little or no aids at all. The ride will flow seamlessly. This is when you and the horse are really 'one'.

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"Whoa" is the classic command to stop a horse.

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