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As per my opinion Lab Testing can be done by a professional Person. SO TDS should be deducted under section 194J.

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CA Priyank Bhattar.

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Q: What are TDS rate and under Sec Lab testing charges?
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What does IET stand for for lab testing?

IET is just the proprietary name of a lab testing facility.

Is there animal testing in peterborough?

There is animal testing anywhere where there is a lab, unless that product the lab is making says "THERE WERE NO ANIMAL TESTINGS MADE BY THIS PRODUCT".

Salaries of medical lab -technician in HIV testing center or ICTC under AP state AIDS control society in nrhm salaries respectively?

Salaries of medical lab -technician in HIV testing centre or ICTC under AP state AIDS control society in nrhm salaries must be 20,000/- and above per month

If lab testing is testing for THC of thirty instead of fifty will a faint line on an over the counter be considered a positive or negative result in the lab?


Where will training for practical exam of associate exam conducted by Institution of Chemists Calcutta?

Practical training for AIC exam conducted by Institution of Chemists Calcutta is given by Advance Inspection & Testing Lab, Delhi for water, soap & detergents, building materials, soils testing, plastic, rubber testing, textile testing in Delhi, Testing Lab in Delhi. Dr. V.K. Tandon Advance Inspection & Testing Lab

Has the lab of avomeen bet cot testing on anmals?


Can home paternity tests be trusted?

Yes, you can trust the home paternity testing but make sure which lab you are sending the samples. Always choose certified lab for testing.

They sending my positive result to lab corps of k2 testing to see if I smoke?

Yes. They are sending your positive result to lab of K2 testing so that they can see if you smoke.

What careers involve material testing?

Material Testing Technicians, Metallurgist, chemical Testing Technician, Material Engineer, Material Laboratory Technician, Laboratory Engineer, Material Lab. Supervisor, Material Lab Manager, Material Inspector,Environmental Testing Technician, Cladding Testing Technician ... Etc

Can urine be stored in the fridge before lab testing?

Yes, urine can be stored in the fridge before lab testing. In fact, urine is always supposed to be stored in cooler temperatures for testing. This prevents the growth of bacteria in the urine.

What are the benefits of testing in a Lab?

these help in making diagnose to the physician.

What tube is ck drawn and what lab dept does the testing?