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Far and away the most popular sport in Spain is soccer. They also have professional Basketball, 2 Formula One racetracks, and a Spanish version of the Tour de France. Hang gliding and ultralight aircraft are also popular.

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Q: What are Spain sports?
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What are Spain's favorite sports?

Spain's favorite sport is football and many other sports. Spain is welcomed to many sport fans

What are some traditional sports of Spain?

Bull fighting and football (soccer) are a couple of Spain's traditional sports.

What games do they play in Spain?

In Spain there are many different types of games that are played. Some popular card games include Mus, and tute. Checkers and dominoes are also popular in Spain. Children in Spain enjoy playing hide and seek.Soccer is the main sport in Spain. Other big sports in Spain would be golf, tennis, cycling, motor sports and water sports, amongst others.

What sports are played in Spain?

Soccer, tennis, golf, skiing, and hang gliding are the most popular sports in Spain.

Is tourada a sports?

Yes tourada is a sports. It is a famous sports played in Spain.

Spain's favorite sports?

The favorite sport in Spain is soccer.

What sports have Spain won?

Spain has won tennis and soccer.

How much is spent on sports and recreation in Spain?

about 100,000,000,000 in Spain

How do you play Spain sports?

You play Spain sports almost like you play American sports there is just a few different rules you will just have to learn wat the rules of the sport is.

Sport playing in Spain?

yes they play lots of sports in spain.

What are the most famous sports in Spain?

The most famous sport in Spain is football!

What sports did Spain win?

Spain won the FIFA World Cup 2010.

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Famous sports figure from Spain?

There are several famous sports figures that are from Spain. A few of the most famous are Jorge Lorenzo, Fernando Alonso, and Pau Gasol.

What are famous sports from Spain?

Spain has world class soccer teams and bike riders.

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What sports are played on Spain?

soccer i guess

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