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Football, ski, swimming, trekking, tennis, Table Tennis, ice skating, cross, etc.

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Q: What are Romania's sports or recreational activities?
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What is recreational institutions?

An institution in which activities such as sports and exercise are done

What are some recreational activities in UCLA?

Some recreational activities offered by UCLA Recreation are, Aquatics, sports and fitness & wellness, more can be found at

Hungrey's sports and recreational activities?

kyle wants cady kyle wants cady

What 2 kinds of sports or recreational activities are enjoyed by the people in japan?

football and Baseball

What recreational activities are popular in Georgia?

the most popular sports are: football and soccer and maybe baseball.

What are Popular sports and recreational activities in Illinois?

No sports have been specifically connected to Illinois, but they do have professional teams in baseball, football, and basketball.

Are there any recreational activities in Columbia?

names of recreational activities in Columbia

What are some recreational activities in the Canadian Shield?

The Canadian shield region offers a variety of sports and recreational activities. Sporting and recreational activities include fishing, hunting, hiking, and snowmobiling. These are popular activities in this region because there are lots of animals in this region and there is lots of water and snow in the winter.Another AnswerThere are 5 major recreational activities in the Canadian shield, and they are boating, dogsled riding, fish hunting, and cross country skiing.

What are some recreational sports of activities in Chile?

Swimming, Fishing, Skiing. and more... Their most famous sport is soccer.

What are some recreational activities that people enjoy in Poland?

fish, hunt, bike ride, watersports, extreme sports,

What are the purpose of recreational activities?

Purpose of recreational activity

What is the importance of sports and recreation in chemistry?

Chemistry is important when thinking about sports and recreation because it is the study of atoms and mass. Sports and recreational activities make our mass and atoms move and change.

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