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when theres a base runner on a base.. the batter hits the softball and trys to get to a base while the base runner at 3rd or 2nd run home and get a point

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2010-06-17 17:53:08
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Q: What are RBI s in girls fast-pitch softball?
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What has the author Barry E Sammons written?

Barry E. Sammons has written: 'Fastpitch softball' -- subject(s): Pitching (Softball) 'The windmill pitcher'

If women fastpitch softball the picture shows the ball at 3 30 40 mins in the base of the masses 108 kilograms what is the kinetic energy of the softball?

The kinetic energy of the softball at 3.30 m s the and a mass of 1.08 kilograms is 3.564 joules.

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It was originated by a group of 20 girls that couldn't play fast pitch hardball in the 1800's. So they organized and created indoor softball.

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If women fastpitch softball the picture shows the ball at 3.30 m s the bass has a mass 1.08 kilograms what is the kinetic energy of the softball?

Kinetic energy, KE = 1/2mv2, where m is mass in kg, and v is velocity in m/s.Known:v = 3.30m/sm = 1.08kgUnknown:KEFormula:KE = 1/2mv2Solution:KE = 1/2(1.08kg)(3.30m/s)2 = 5.88kg∙m2/s2 = 5.88Joules

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The softball glove was invented in the 1920's.

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well I am 13 and I pitch 55mph. but the college girls usually pitch about mid 60's. Hope this helps

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