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Pop Warner rules are the same as high school. CUT blocking is allowed in the FREE BLOCKING ZONE. A CUT block is a 1 on 1 block between and blocker and defender below the waist. A CHOP block is illegal. This is a block that is a HI/LO situation where it is 2 on 1.

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Q: What are Pop warner rules about cut blocking?
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Is Chop Blocking legal in Pop Waner Football?

Youth football is about children learning hard lessons that they will need when they grow up to be men. ANY block at or below the knee is something that has a higher rate of causing a serious injury. If or when a child grows up and is making millions playing a child's game, then he knows the risk of his profession. A child does not play for money, only for fun. A coach that teaches that block is not thinking about the children. He is only rehashing his probable failure as a youth player or ego driven success. There is no reason to continue to allow that block on either side of the ball Chop blocking is not legal in any level of football. Cut blocking is inexplicably allowed at higher levels, however.

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A block below the waist is called a "cut block," and the rules regarding this can vary among different youth leagues, so it would be best to consult a rulebook or a league official. At the high school level, cut blocking is allowed within the "free-blocking zone," defined as a rectangular area extending 4 yards laterally from the ball and 3 yards to either side of the line of scrimmage. Once the ball carrier has left the zone, the zone no longer exists. A chop block, however, is never legal. This is when a player gets cut while already engaged by someone who is blocking high (above the knee).

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