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Penn, Drexel, St Josephs, LaSalle and Temple. Villanova is in the suburbs of Philadelphia but is considered part of the Big 5. Drexel is not part of the Big 5 currently, but is being considered to be added to the round robin system presently and then it will become the City 6.

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Q: What are Philadelphia division 1-a basketball schools?
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Who won girls 1a basketball Texas state tournament?

Smyer won division 1,Neches won division 2

How many NCAA division 1A basketball teams are there in US?

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What Division 1A has the most consecutive wins in a season?

Joe Paterno. He has the most wins against Division 1A teams and he also is the Division 1A coach with the most wins against teams of any Division.

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that would be division 1A

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Both are Division 1A schools. Virginia Tech plays in the Atlantic Coast Conference and Ohio State plays in the Big Ten Conference.

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What are the division 1A schools with a mascot of wildcats tigers and bulldogs?

There are five Tigers; LSU, Clemson, Auburn, Missouri and Memphis. Princeton is also the Tigers, but since they're in the Ivy League, they are prohibited from playing in Bowl games, so are not considered Division 1A. There are four Bulldogs; Georgia, Mississippi State, Fresno State and Louisiana Tech. Gonzaga and Yale are also bulldogs, but are not technically considered Division 1A, since Gonzaga does not have a football team, and Yale is in the Ivy League (see above). I think there are four Wildcats; Kentucky, Northwestern, Kansas State and Arizona. There are a ton of Wildcats in Division 1-AA, but I'm pretty sure these are the only four in 1A.

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Adam Weber

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Rice University

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