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slow traffice

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Q: What are Pedestrians cyclists skateboarders and highway construction workers known as?
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Allowable longitudinal slopes for highway road construction?

allowable longitudinal slopes for highway road construction

Which development resulted from the construction of the interstate highway system-?

Increased suburbanization is the development that resulted from the construction of the interstate highway system.

What does highway code say to ride a bicycle from kerb?

The Highway Code does not specify road position for cyclists, however it is best practice for cyclists to 'take the lane' and ride in a prominent position in areas where it would be dangerous for motorists to overtake. The practice of 'taking the lane' has come about due to the overwhelming numbers of motorists who will attempt overtakes on blind bends and narrow roads, risking their lives along with the lives of the cyclists and oncoming traffic in the process.

What has the author Colin W Kefford written?

Colin W. Kefford has written: 'The Highway Code for pedestrians' 'Farmers and their animals'

What is federal highway funding?

Funds for federal highway construction. Each state is allocated certain $$ amounts to spend on highway construction ... the states then allocate it further to local government as they deem necessary.

Which development resulted from the construction of the interstate highway system?

The automobile.

What federal department administers grants to states for highway construction through the federal highway administration?

The Department of Transportation, via the Federal Highway Administration

What are the advantages and disadvantages of highway construction?

traffic, gawking, accidents, slows...

Which department include the administration of highway planning development and construction?


What side of the highway should pedestrians walk on?

Pedestrians should walk facing oncoming traffic, whichever side of the road that may be. This is an extremely dangerous practice for bicycles, however. Bikes should always follow the flow of car traffic.

Why is a Highway called a highway?

i not sure why a highway is called a highway but a highway is a main road connecting to main city's. It originated as a word for Roman roads, which in the middle ages were the main roads and of much better construction than contemporary ones. One major difference in the construction of Roman roads was that they were raised in the center (i.e. high) to improve drainage whereas the majority of contemporary roads were flat as it simplified construction.

How many people work in the street and highway construction industry?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the street and highway construction industry employed nearly 320,000 people in 2001.

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