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Old gold and white.

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Q: What are Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets school colors?
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What are Georgia Tech school colors?

Georgia Tech's school colors are white and old gold.

Why is the shirt of your school uniform yellow?

If your school colors are yellow, your shirt is most likely yellow because of that. If your school colors are not yellow, then it is possible that it was just a random color that was selected, or there were other reasons.

What are the school colors for uc san Diego?

The school colors are blue and yellow. All UCs have the same colors.

Georgia tech school colors?

gold and white

What is Vincent High School AL mascot name?

Vincent High School in Alabama is home to the Yellow Jackets.

What are the colors of McLean High School in McLean Texas?

The colors of Mclean High School in Mclean, Texas are black and yellow. No, the colors of our school are BLACK AND GOLD. We get mad when people say yellow. It's GOLD!!!

What are the school colors of miss college?

Black and Yellow!

What are the school colors of the Georgia bulldogs?

red white black

What are the school colors of Parsons the new school for design?

Red, orange, and yellow

What are the school color of the university of gergia?

The school colors for the University of Georgia are red and blsck

What are the school colors of uc santa cruz?

The school colors of UC Santa Cruz are Royal Blue and Gold (or yellow)

What is Georgia state university school colors?

I was just on a website that listed the school colors as: Royal Blue, Sky Blue & White.

If your house colors are yellow and black what are you?

A Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff is one of the four Houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The colors are yellow and black.

What it a good softball team name for team wearing yellow?

depends. whats the name of you school??? Yellow Jackets Sun Devils Chargers FireBall

What are the School colors of UC Berkeley?

Yale Blue and Golden Yellow

What are the university of Michigan's colors?

Officially: Maize Yellow and Azure Blue are the school colors for the University of Michigan

What are the exact school colors of UCI?

Blue and yellow. Those are the colors for all of the Universities of California (UC).

What is the school colors for Itawamba High school?

The official colors are purple and yellow, but for some reason all athletics wear black and gold.

What is the university of purdue school colors?

Purdue University's school colors are old gold (more of a gold color than a yellow) and black.

What are school colors of Duke University?

either blue and white or blue and yellow

Does the Maryland Institute College of Art have any school colors?

blue and yellow

Is there a uniform in ferris high school?

Yes. The colors are In shirts Orange, yellow, green, black, white In pants Black, kaki Jackets One solid color of yellow orange white black or green. No logos other thank Ferris on shirts and no red or blue. I went there for a year

What are Johns Hopkins University school colors?

The schools colors are yellow and black. Although for athletics, they use light blue and black.

What are the school colors of UC Hastings college of law?

blue and yellow, like most UC's.

What is spelman color?

what is spelman school colors what is spelman school colors what is spelman school colors