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Q: What are Georgetown athletes called?
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How many states have a town called Georgetown?

Texas also has a Georgetown

Who found Georgetown?

If you're referring to Georgetown Ontario, that would be George Kennedy. Although there are many places called Georgetown all over the world.

Why is athletes foot called athletes foot?

this is called athletes foot because the first person to get it was an athlete:0...

What are the people who are in the Paralympics called?

Athletes, or Paralympians, in the same way that athletes in the Olympics are called Olympians.

What are some of the English athletes called?

i don't know because its base in the called of some English athletes.............

When was Georgetown College - Georgetown University - created?

Georgetown College - Georgetown University - was created in 1789.

What are Yale athletes called?

Athletes from Yale are the Bulldogs. Their mascot is Handsome Dan.

Where is the Georgetown Library in Georgetown located?

The address of the Georgetown Library is: 6680 Orleans Street, Georgetown, 95634 M

Where is the Georgetown Branch in Georgetown located?

The address of the Georgetown Branch is: 4570 Highway 500, Georgetown, 71432 0220

Is there a place called Georgetown in South Africa?

Georgetown or George Town may refer to:AfricaGeorge, Western Cape, South Africa, formerly known as GeorgetownJanjanbureh, The Gambia, formerly known as Georgetown

What are Olympic competitors called?


Where is the Georgetown County Library in Georgetown located?

The address of the Georgetown County Library is: 405 Cleland Street, Georgetown, 29440 3200

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