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Q: What are Emmett Kelly Sr self portrait paintings worth?
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What are Emmett kelly sr. paintings?

Emmett Kelly Sr. pictures are worth $75.00, I found this out on at the following address:

What is worth of Emmett kelly doll?

Emmett Kelly dolls are worth anywhere from $50.00 to $150.00 depending on condition. I have never seen an Emmett Kelly ventriloquist doll, but it would definitely be worth something if it's in good condition.

How much is your Emmett kelly doll worth?

i have a 1985 painting of emmett kelly by rust 16/250 measures 24/by 27

How much is the Emmett kelly clown called the thinker 2 worth?


What is the value of the Emmett kelly jr signature collection Command Performance 9780 F in original box with tag?

I have Emmett Kelly signature collection with his hand writing signature on them. How much or they worth? I may have 2-3 pieces

What style of work did Rembrandt do?

Rembrandt is one of the most famous artists of all time. He was well known for his portrait paintings. Some of his most famous paintings are worth millions of dollars.

What is an Emmett Kelly painting worth Also can't really make out who painted it so how do you find that out?

I to am looking for a price of an Emmet Kelly painting. It is called ringside seat. The number is W717. If you have any info please let me know.

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How much is a portrait of Lyndon B. Johnson worth?

Nancy bailey paintings how much are they worth?

how much are nancy bailys paintings worth are they worth anything

How much are L Potronat paintings worth?

how much are l. potronat paintings worth

What are M C five cent Jones paintings worth?

Usually the farm scenes are worth 250-400, but rare scenes, like witches, santa, self portrait, self portrait with wife and local landmarks are worth 450-650 for the first 2 and the self portraits are 800-2500, landmarks are worth about 4000. If they are part of his hometown of gilliam. I have several for sale and have gotten this info from art dealers. Thanks,

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