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David and Victoria Beckham have three sons. They are called Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz Beckham.

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Q: What are David Beckham and Victoria Beckham's children called?
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David Beckhams family?

Beckham has a wife called Victoria and has two children called Brooklyn and Romeo.

What is David Beckhams wife called?

Her name is Victoria Beckham, but her Spice Girls name was Posh.

What is David Beckhams mom called?

Sandra Beckham

What is David Beckhams dad called?

Ted Beckham

What is David Beckhams soccer school called?

david beckham academy

What is David Beckhams baby girl called?

Harper seven Beckham.

What is David Beckhams dad and mum called?

Ted Beckham and Sandra Beckham but her madam name was Sandra west

Who is Victoria beckham husband?

Victoria Beckham's Husband Is Called David Beckham They Have 3 Kid Togeter!

What is David Beckham's cwife called?

Victoria Beckham

What is David Beckhams mum and dad called?

Ted Beckham, a kitchen fitter, and Sandra West, a hairdresser

Who is David Beckhams third son?

David Beckham's third son is Cruz. The other two are called Brooklyn and Romeo

Where can one purchase Victoria Beckham jeans?

One can purchase Victoria Beckham jeans online through her website. One can also buy them at an online retailer called Shop Bop. eBay also carries the Victoria Beckham jeans.

What pets does David Beckham have?

He has a Bulldog called Coco and Victoria (His wife) has a dog called Twiggy!

What is David Beckhams nickname?

Well a lot of people call him Becks and him and Victoria r usually called posh and becks but he also has a nickname from Victoria.............. Golden Balls ;)

Does Victoria beckham have any brothers or sisters?

Yes a sister called Louise and a brother called Cristian

What are the names of the Spice Girls children?

Victoria Beckham has 4 children, named Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper-Seven. Emma Bunton has 1 child called Beau. Geri Halliwell has 1 child called Bluebell. Melanie Brown has 2 children called Pheonix and Angel. Melanie Chisholm has 1 child called Scarlet.

What are David Beckham's children called?

Brooklyn, Romeo And Cruz

Who does David Beckham live with?

David Beckham lives with wife Victoria and family in their home in LA. He has 3 sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, as well as a daughter called Harper.

What pop group did Victoria beckham used to be in?

The British group called The Spice Girls -- she was known as Posh Spice!

Why is David Beckham and Victoria Beckham rich?

Because he is a very fameous footballer, and they make alot of money, and she was in a very sucessful music group called the Spice Girls and you get alot of money from doing that too :)

What is David Beckhams cologne line called?

The cologn line of David Beckhams is called: Instinct, the eau de toilette wich is in stores online and offline.

When was Victoria Beckham's first fashion label launched?

Victoria Beckham designed a line, consisting mainly of jeans, for Rock & Republic in 2004. She launched her own independent sunglasses range in July 2006 called dVb Eyewear. In September of the same year, she launched a jeans range called dVb Style, and has later produced fragrances and catwalk collections for dVb Style.

Who was Queen Victoria's children's father?

He is called Prince Albert and they had 9 children....I think :)

What has Victoria beckham done to become famous?

She was in a famous pop group called "Spice Girls". It was said to be the biggest British band since The Beatles.

How much does victoria beckem weigh?

Victoria Beckham was born on April 17, 1974. She was once a member of the all girl group called The Spice Girls. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 110 pounds.