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Q: What are Austrian trousers called?
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What is trousers in German?

In German, trousers are called "Hose."

What are the trousers called with the low crutch?

They are just Low Crotch Pants/Trousers.

What are cowboy trousers called?


What are womens baggy trousers called?


What are horse riding trousers called?


What were the trousers called in shakespeares time?


What are sailors baggy trousers called?


What close fitting tarton trousers usually worn in scotland ireland?

Tartan trousers worn in Scotland are called trews.

What are the trousers JLS wear called?

They wear jeans.

What are trousers that look like skirts called?

I think there called skorts

What did the Austrian Austrian currency used to be called before 'euro reform'?

Before the Euro was introduced in 2002, the currency of Austria was the Austrian Schilling, divided into 100 Gröschen.

What is another name for trunks?

If you are talking bout swim wear or under wear it would be called trousers... If not then i dont know I hope it was trousers.