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Q: What are 5 facts about the cavaliers?
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Did the cavaliers have a different name when they came to the nba?

No they have always been the Cleveland cavaliers but they have had about 5 different Logos.

What was the cavaliers name before cavaliers?

The cavaliers name before the cavaliers was Cleveland Cavaliers. MO GOTTI FU LEBRON

What are 5 NBA teams names?

celtics, bulls, magic, cavaliers, pistons

Who will win Cavaliers or Bulls?

Cavaliers. have already won.

The musician Usher owns part of what NBA team?

i think its Cleveland Cavaliers

When was Istanbul Cavaliers created?

Istanbul Cavaliers was created in 2005.

When was Cleveland Cavaliers created?

Cleveland Cavaliers was created in 1970.

When was Oxford Cavaliers created?

Oxford Cavaliers was created in 1995.

When was Boland Cavaliers created?

Boland Cavaliers was created in 1939.

When was Portsmouth Cavaliers created?

Portsmouth Cavaliers was created in 2010.

Facts on the battle of edgehill?

I have 5 1) The person who won the battle was not decided. 2) It was Charles I against Prince Rupert. 3) It happened on the 23rd of October 1642. 4) The Royalists were known as the cavaliers and parliament the roundheads. 5) There was a tower built to mark it in 1760.

What are facts about the Round heads?

1) "Roundhead" was the nickname given to the supporters of the Parliament during the English Civil War. 2) They fought against King Charles and his followers. 3) King Charles and his men were known as the Cavaliers (Royalists). 4) The Cavaliers claimed absolute power and the divine right of kings. 5) The goal of the Roundhead party was to give the Parliament supreme control over executive administration. Hope this helps!