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stretching, warming up, drinking water, and technique

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Q: What are 4 ways to avoid sports injuries?
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What are ways you can prevent injuries while playing sports?

You can prevent injuries by following this list: 1.Wear a helmet, knee pad, and elbow pad. 2.Go to the doctor to check if you are ill. 3.Be careful. 4.Strech to get your muscles ready. 5.Be alert of your surroundings. These are some ways you can prevent injuries while playing sports.

What illnesses or injuries can effect your participation in sport?

There are many injuries that can affect sports such as: 1.Head injuries 2.Fractures 3.Dislocation of bones 4.Concusion 5.Tennis elbow ETC The illnesses that affect sports are: 1.Asthma 2.Epilepsey 3.Heart disease 4.Sciztophrenia ETC

Ways how to prevent accident?

1.Avoid stepping on nails 2.Avoid touching electrical objects 3.Avoid playing with sharp objects 4.Avoid playing with fire 5.Avoid running on slippery water

What are the release dates for The Men7 Show - 2008 7 Ways to Avoid the Winter Funk 1-11?

The Men7 Show - 2008 7 Ways to Avoid the Winter Funk 1-11 was released on: USA: 4 December 2008

How many people in Australia that play netball get injuried?

As far as I know that in Australia their are 7% of adult and 4% of child sports related injuries presenting to hospital emergency departments.


Personal injuries have a limitation of 4 years. For medical malpractice, it will be 2 years in Florida. That would be from the time of discovery of the malpractice. There may be ways of tolling the limit based on the minor being underage.

What is the most deadly sport in the world?

These are sports that report the most catastrophic injuries 1.Horseback Riding 2.Cheerleading 3.Lacrosse 4.Bull Riding 5.Gymnastics

What are 5 ways to keep a healthy heart?

1. To have a proper healthy diet. 2. To do exercise regularly. 3. To avoid stress. 4. To go for regular checkups. 5. To avoid drinks(alchol) and smoking

The 4 main segments of sports marketing?

what are the 4 main of sports marketing indusrty

What sports have 7 players on each side?

Volleyball can have 7 people on each side...... 3 in front 4 in back or the other ways around....

What is musculoskeletal injuries?

4. What is a musculoskeletal injury? Give an example.

How improve sexual power?

Take care of: 1 Proper sleep 2 Healthy eating - without fats and carbohydrates 3 Avoid stress 4 Be active sports

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