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Smash- the killer shot that is extremely had to block. It is difficult because you have to aim downwards and hit it at high speeds.

Clear- used to send you opponet to the back od the court, it isuseful because you may need time to recover and prepare for the next shot. This has a downside as it can set them up for a smash.

Drop shot- this is used when you are at the back of the court and you gently hit it so that it just goes over the net. This is a sneaky shot because they will think you are about to clear it and it involves them practically running into the net.

The net shot- this is when you are at the net and you either use backhand or forehand to tap it over the net. This is hard to return because you need to run forward and then hit it.


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Clear, Drop, Netdrop and lob

some other are drive, flick...

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Q: What are 4 different badminton strokes?
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