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Q: What are 3 words to describe Serena Williams?
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Which two sisters won the Wimbledon tennis championship?

The Williams sisters, Serena and Venus. They also played on the women single finals. Venus won over Serena.

Who won the 2011 Australian Open Women's Singles title?

Serena Williams Serena Williams Serena Williams

How many times has Serena Williams been to the Olympics?

3, one singles and 2 doubles

By what score did Serena Williams win or lose her semi-final match?

The final score was 6-3 6-2 to Serena Williams. the match lasted for just 67 minutes with Serena Williams winning a total of 62 points to Vera Zvonareva's 43 points.

Who were the 3 black women to win Wimbledon?

The three black women that won Wimbledon include: * Althea Gibson * Serena Williams * Venus Williams

Who won the ladies singles at Wimbledon in 2009?

Serena Williams beat her sister Venus Williams 7-6 (7-3) 6-2.

Which top five women tennis players won the most Wimbledon titles?

1, Caroline Wozniacki 2, Serena Williams 3, Vera Zvonareva 4, Venus Williams 5, Kim Clijsters

Best in tennis of womens?

Right now, Serena Williams is the greatest womans' tennis player in the world because she beat Jelena Jankovic in the finals of the US Open.

What year in Wimbledon was both of the Venus sister in the final?

Sisters Venus and Serena Williams have met in the Wimbledon women's singles final four times: 2002, 2003, 2008 and 2009 with Serena winning 3 times.

Why does Serena Williams have such good biceps?

Because she's a professional tennis player and she trains a lot. At a meet and greet in 2019 Serena said that her biceps is 15 inches flexed and it's 3 inches less when unflexed.

What do the siblings of venus and Serena Williams do for a living?

the sisters both are the same because even though Venus started before Serena , Serena cough up.Rodger Federer -vs- Serena Williams cannot be measured simply by saying a male will beat a female in head-to-head competition - that is an idiot answer. The proper way to measure who is the better is to look at how each does in their sport (obviously), and the level of competition each has faced.1. Serena has more combined Grand Slam victories than Rodger (Serena 30, Rodger 17)2. Serena has faced more top-level champions (Seles,Pierce,Hingis, Davenport, Capperiti,Henin,Clisters,Sharapova) over her career than Rodger and has a winning record against all of them.3. Serena is still the most feared and dominant player in her sport; Rodger is not.4. Serena has mainly played part-time whereas Rodger has always played full-time with practically no injuries.5. Clearly Serena is better than Rodger (A\Steffi Graff is also better than Rodger)

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