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Here's four: The Cup, Lord Stanley's Cup, The Holy Grail, or Lord Stanley's Mug.

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Q: What are 3 nicknames for the Stanley cup?
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Who won the 1934 Stanley Cup?

In the 1934 Stanley Cup final, the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Detroit Red Wings in 4 games (3-1) to win their first Stanley Cup.

What is the prestigious trophy awarded by the NHL?

The Stanley Cup. It was named after the person who created it, Lord Stanley of Preston.

Who won the Stanley cup in 1936?

The Detroit Red Wings defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs, 3 games to 1, to win the 1936 Stanley Cup.

Do the words Stanley cup appear on the Stanley cup?


How many nova scotians won Stanley cup?


What are the release dates for The 1970 Stanley Cup Finals - 1970?

The 1970 Stanley Cup Finals - 1970 was released on: USA: 3 May 1970

How many teams won the Stanley cup down by 3 in a series?


When was Stanley Cup created?

Stanley's Cup was created on 2006-11-15.

How much is the Stanley cup worth?

Value of the Stanley CupThe Stanley Cup is priceless.

Who won the Stanley Cup in 1942?

The Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Detroit Red Wings, 4 games to 3, to win the 1942 Stanley Cup.

Who are the top 3 Stanley cup winners?

Montreal Detroit Toronto

In the Stanley cup is it first to 4 or first to 3?

First to 4