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Shoes and a ball are the essential items to go 10 pin Bowling, however shoes are able to be hired and there are house balls for use. If you are buying your own bowling gear then you may also require a bag to put the ball & shoes in (a towel also comes in handy).

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โˆ™ 2012-04-05 01:00:03
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Q: What are 3 main things you need 2 go bowling?
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Name something you need if you go bowling?

bowling shoes!!

What can go wrong in bowling?

There can be a lot of things that go wrong in bowling, just as any sport.

Name something you need if you want to go bowling?

Bowling ball Bowling shoes Bowling bag

Name something you might need to go bowling?

Bowling ball, bowling shoes, and bowling bag.

Do you need a person over 21 years of age to go midnight bowling?

It depends on the policy of the bowling center.

Something else you need to go bowling?

Name_something_you_need_when_you_bowlinggo here-Smart-

Something you need if you want to go bowling?

a ball, shoes, and your money.

How much does it cost to go cosmic bowling?

The price to go cosmic or glow bowling will vary depending on the center you choose to bowl at, the day of the week, the time bowled and if you need to rent bowling shoes.

What are some fun things to do on a Sunday?

Go to the bowling alley! You can never go wrong with a good o'l strike!! :)

How do you get the bowling ally on webkinz?

There are 2 ways. If you want to compete you go to the turnament area and click PVP and you selecte bowling. than you wait for one of your friends to play with you. Or........... You go to the club house in the things to do list and than click bowling alley. and than you go up to it a click it, and than boooom you are playing bowling

How much money does it cost to go bowling in New York?

The price to go bowling in New York will vary depending on the center, the day, the time, if any discounts, such as being a senior, apply and if you need to rent bowling shoes.

Where should you go bowling?

In your local bowling alley.

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