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yes we are a throw away society because we buy and throw away and What we buy, what we use, what we keep and throw away make up the fabric of our daily lives. A sea of stuff flows in and out with such speed we hardly realize the global impact attached to each and every item we buy. The birth of our stuff begins with a long and impactful journey of production that involves the pumping of oil, mining of metals, operation of huge factories, shipping of huge containers, printing of packaging, and transportation to the retailer, before leading eventually to our door. All waste from this stage of production is called "industrial waste," which outweighs household or "municipal solid waste" (MSW) by 70 to 1. Wow! Those statistics are no small potatoes. Before we even get our hands on the stuff, the impact it has already made on the earth is huge!

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Q: What are 3 key points of being a throw away society?
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