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It helps you all through out college and life.

1. If you get really good education you will get a good pay job not at McDonalds.

2. Being smart and staying in school will get scholarships.

3. Having going to school will not ruin a reputation and will most likely keep you out of trouble.

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Q: What are 3 good reasons for getting a best education you can?
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How do you tell your mum you want to move schools and what reasons could you use?

If one wants to tell their mum they want to move schools and is looking for valid reasons, it's best to be open about any situations going on. If a person feels they're not getting a good enough education or if there is someone at the school making them feel unsafe, those are perfectly valid reasons.

Which is best separate education or co-education?

co education is not good

Is getting a good education A guarantee for having A good job having a high salary?

Yes, indeed. It is proved that getting a good education and going to collage/technical school can increase the chances of getting a great job.

Is the education good in china?

It is the best!

Why is education important in life?

because education is the key to getting a good job! - Because education will save you from ignorance

Why not to talk in class?

It distracts others from getting a good education and from getting their work done.

How did the Romans use education?

For getting good jobs in the future.

Deborah meadens wealth?

Hard Work, Good Investments. Getting a good education

What can happen if you go to school?

you will get a good education and that will lead to getting a good job when you are older

3 reasons why education is important?

1.good for jobs 2.good for being a secntist 3. its great

What is meaning of good education?

The meaning of a good education means when you are striving for the best for yourself. Good education means more opened doors for you in jobs or colleges and etc.

Does k-state have better education than ku?

both have good education they are the two who have the best education