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Three most famous clubs are Manchester United, real Madrid and Barcelona.

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There are lots of amazing teams in Europe but the three teams that people favorite the most would be.

1) Barcelona- Spain

2) Real Madrid- Spain

3) Chelsea- England

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Q: What are 3 famous soccer teams in Europe?
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What are three famous europeans soccer teams?

The 3 best teams are A.C. Milan, Real Madrid, Fiorentina

3 famous spanish soccer teams?

Real madrid, barcelona, valencia 1.Fc Barcelona 2. Real Madrid 3. Valencia fc

What is Dejan Stankovic famous for?

Dejan Stankovic is most famous for being a football/soccer player for the Serbian National Football Team. He started his senior career in 1994 and has played for 3 different teams.

What shows how many players are on a soccer team?

professional soccer team websites show their teams' lineup, showing that the older soccer teams play 10 and a goalie with only 3 allowed substitutions. as for younger teams they play 7 and a goalie with unlimited substitutions.

Which cites have a team for at least 3 professional sports teams?

Munich in Germany * Men Soccer * Women Soccer * Men Basketball

What are 3 names of spanish soccer teams?

Three spanish teams are: F.C Barcelona Real Madrid F.C Athletico Madrid

What are the names are some black and white famous soccer playersshow me 3 black famous soccer players and to white ones.?

Famous Black Soccer players: Pele Eusebio Jairzinho White Soccer Players: Maradona Bobby Charlton Franz Beckembaur