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1. originated in Rugby School, Warwickshire. England

2. William Webbs Ellis a student was playing football (soccer) picked up a ball and ran forward toward the opposing goal which was against the rules. The ball carrier could only run backward

3. oldest rugby club, Blackheath. England was founded in 1858

4. The first formal rules of the Rugby Football union was created in June 1871.

5. The first game actually took place in 1871 between England and Scotland in Edinburgh on March 27th - Scotland won by a try (still being disputed)

6. Rugby League in the UK - instigated the split between Union and League which was finalised when a meeting of the RFU on September 19th 1895 was rejected and the league commenced.

7. 1877 saw a shift from 20-a-side to 15-a-side matches in the Union code

8.In 1908, eight clubs in Sydney broke away from the Australian Union to form the New South Wales Rugby League

9. Union players that moved across code to league were sanctioned (Banned) from returning to the Amateur code until August 26th 1995, when the IRB announced rugby union was an 'open game'

10. The trademark leather oval ball only took over from the spherical ball in 1892.

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A ball game of high intensity tackling and strategies where physical strength and speed plus good game vison are required
Rugby is a field sport played with an oval ball between two teams of 15(rugby union) or 13(rugby league) or 7(sevens rugby). Rugby union is the most popular and international of these variations but the basic rules are the same in each.

In rugby a team scores points by touching the ball down behind the line where the goal posts are or be kicking the ball over the bar. Players can only pass the ball backwards. A player can tackle the person holding the ball. The ball can be kicked forward to another player. It's a fast game with almost constant running, passing and kicking. As each team has the same number of players it's tactically oriented with teams combining in varying running, passing, kicking and charging patterns to make a hole in the oppositions defence. Every player must regularly take part in defending and attacking.

When the game stops due to a minor break of rules or the ball goes beyond the boundary of the pitch then the 8 forwards compete in what are called set pieces. These are like a game within a game. The scrum is a test of strength where these 8 men crouch together and slam into each other to compete for possession of the ball which is thrown between them. they must try to push the opposing team backwards to kick the ball to the back of their own scrum. This is called scrummaging. The forwards who compete in the scrum are the 8 strongest and heaviest on the team. The other set piece is called the line out. When the ball goes out of play (is carried or kicked outside the perimeter of the pitch) men from each team line up parallel to each other and the ball is thrown in from the side of the pitch (playing field) and they leap up to catch it and then play resumes.

The game is played all over the world, about 100 countries, and is second only to football (soccer) in popularity. It's from a school in England called rugby and began in the 1820's or 30s.

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it is cool and fun and if you don't like some one you could tackle him hard

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