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well women use * balance beam * uneven bars * floor * vault while men use * pommel horse * rings * parallel bars * floor * high bar * vault

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Q: What apparatus do both women and men use in gymnastics?
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What are the 5 disciplines in gymnastics?

There are 4 apparatus in women's gymnastics, and 6 in men's gymnastics. For women, they are floor, vault, beam and asymmetric bars. For men, they are floor, vault, pommel horse, parallel bars, rings, and high bar.

What apparatus' are used in gymnastics?

Women's Gymnastics: Floor, Balance Beam, uneven Bars, Vault Men's Gymnastics: Rings, Pommel Horse, Floor, High bar.

What are gymnastic bars?

thay are an apparatus in gymnastics, there is parralel bars and high bar for the men and assemetric bars for the women

Who did gymnastics first women or men?


What has the author A Bruce Frederick written?

A. Bruce Frederick has written: 'Gymnastics for men' -- subject(s): Gymnastics for men 'Gymnastics for women' -- subject(s): Gymnastics for women

Which of these is an event in both men's and women's gymnastics?

Their are two events that are the same in women's and men's gymnastics. The first is Vault and the second is the Floor Exercise. There are different regulations and skills that are performed by male gymnasts and female gymnasts, but the basics are mostly the same and the vault is the event that is the closest in relation between men and women's gymnastics.

Do men and women compete in Gymnastics?

Yes, they do.

Is the parallel bars at gymnastics for boys girls or both?

The parallel bars are for the men's gymnastics team but the women's routines involve the uneven bars. Hope that helps. :)

When and where was gymnastics first an olympic event?

Gymnastics were part of the Olympics as early as 1896, men were the athlete for women were not allowed to compete at the time. Men's gymnastics were popular enough to become a game in the Olympics. In 1928 were the women's first try at Olympic gymnastics. The first women's gymnastics were in Amsterdam.

What is the floor in men's and women's gymnastics?

Well, the actual floor for both is the same- a 40 by 40 inch floor. But the men only do tumbling, while the women do tumbling and dance.

How many olympic gymnastic sports are there?

Four: men's artistic gymnastics, women's artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline gymnastics.

How many people are on a gymnastics team?

A gymnastics team is comprised of both men and women. In total there are 12 people on a team with six alternatives between the ladies and the guys.

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