What apex barrel fits an alpha black?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Any apex barrel with a 98 thread will fit the alpha black.

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Q: What apex barrel fits an alpha black?
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What is the most accurate Tippmann A-5 paintball barrel for the price and length of the barrel?

This depends on you budget, quality of paint and what job you need done. If you are close range, the stock barrel is fine. if you need long range, get an apex or flatline barrel, if you want maximum accuracy, you need a two piece barrel and paint that fits the bore perfectly.

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will a 4 barrel edelbrock fit both chevy or ford with 4 barrel manifolds

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What stock fits the Carver one gun?

Any stock built for the Tippmann 98 series, including the project salvo, alpha black and the non Tippmann BT4. A5/x7 ans spyder mr stocks will not fit.

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Is it safe to shoot a Winchester 120 with a 240 barrel since the 240 barrel fits perfectly?

I believe your answer lies with a qualified gunsmith.If you take it to him or call he will be able to get you the answer you seek safely.

Why is your Nerf raider clip stuck in your Nerf stampede?

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The plug retrofit fits all original M50's which comes in black, white, and red.?

The plug retrofit fits all original M50's which comes in black, white, and red.

What would be the best paintball barrel and marker for sniping?

All guns shoot the same FPS, therefore have the same range. The only exeption to this is barrels that causes backspin like a flatline or APEX but this slows the paintball down faster and reduces the chance of the paintball actually breaking as well as decreasing accuracy as spin increases. The best barrel is a barrel that fits your paint perfectly, but since paintballs are imperfect you need to get as close as possible. Choose a barrel that has bore inserts so that you can match it to your paint or under/overbore if you prefer. your barrel is most accurate at around 14 inches, and unless you have a bipod, are in prone and will take careful aim for EACH shot a 20 inch barrel wont do you any good.

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