What anmals live in sochi?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: What anmals live in sochi?
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What kind of anmals live in the grasslands?


How many people live in sochi?

There are 343,334 inhabitants in Sochi, Russia as of the 2010 Census.

Where does anmals live?

It depends on what kind of anmal it is. For example forgs & fishes live in ponds. Whales & Sharks live in the ocean Zebras & deers live in the grasslands

What kind of anmals usually live in the areas often represented by blue on map?

Fish, octopus, crabs, shellfish,etc.

What was odins anmals do for him?

all about odin

Is Sochi a country?

No, Sochi is a city in Russia.

When was Sochi created?

Sochi was created in 1838.

What body of water is near Sochi?

Sochi is a Russian city along the Black Seacoast.

Can anmals create the energy they need to live?

No. Neither can plants, for that matter. Animals get the energy they need from plants, or from other animals, which they eat. Plants get their energy from the sunlight.

What continent is Sochi russia?

Sochi is located in Europe.

How do you pronounce Sochi?

Sochi is pronounced "SO-chee."

Has the lab of avomeen bet cot testing on anmals?