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The Irish Sweepstakes, which no longer operates, would have been associated with horse racing, so the answer is the horse.

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Q: What animal is associated with the Irish sweepstakes?
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What animal is in the Irish Sweepstakes?

Horses are the animals associated with the Irish sweepstakes. The Irish Sweepstakes was a lottery system that was promoted from 1930 to 1987. Ticket stubs were pulled from a barrel and matched to a horse running in a race.

Who won the 1959 Irish Sweepstakes?


Who were the winners of Irish sweepstakes in 1930s?


Who WON the Irish Hospital Sweepstakes in 1950?


Who won the 1944 Irish hospital sweepstakes?

who won the 1944 irish hospitals sweepstake

Who won the 1968 Irish Sweepstakes?

Jennings and Hazel Berry

The horse Love and Luck won the Irish Sweepstakes in what year?


What animal represents the Irish Goddess of Summer Aine?

Aine is the Irish Goddess of Summer in Irish legends. She is sometimes represented by a red mare and is associated with crops, animals and agriculture.

Who won the 1967 Irish Sweepstakes?

Meadow Court ridden by Lester Piggot

Who won the 1966 Irish Sweepstakes?

The winner was "Charlottown" jockey was - Scobie Breasley

What is a non winning 1966 Irish hospitals sweepstakes ticket worth?

The Irish Hospital Sweepstakes had its last draw in 1986 and the company that ran it closed in 1987. An old ticket would have no real value now.

Who won the 1939 Irish Hospitals Sweepstakes?

A small group a Irish Business man. It was all a Scam. For 50 years.

What is a 1981 Irish hospitals' sweepstakes worth today NCA47385?

nothing much. 26.00usd

What types of art are associated with the Irish?

Irish have many types of art

Is Readers Digest associated in a drawing sweepstakes with a company called Spartan Electronics Florida Inc?

Probably not. Readers Digest has always done their own sweepstakes over the years, and they don't have affiliations with other companies. And while the odds of winning a Readers Digest sweepstakes aren't very good, their sweepstakes are perfectly legitimate.

What is the largest Irish wild animal?

the largest Irish wild land animal is the Red deer

What is animal in Irish?


Winning Numbers for the 1939 Irish Hospitals sweepstake The Grand National?

Irish hospital's sweepstakes 1939 winner was always a Small group of Irish Businessman . This group ran this scam for 50 years with the Irish government turning a blind eye to it

Where can one play CashNet Sweepstakes?

CashNet Sweepstakes is actually a website with multiple links to various sweepstakes. It features sweepstakes that are ending soon, popular sweepstakes, and even Canadian sweepstakes.

Last name moriarity Irish?

Moriarty is Ó Muircheartaigh in Irish. Associated with Co. Kerry.

How do you say seal in Irish?

The animal the seal is rón in Irish Gaelic.

What Is Gaelic for Animal?

ainmhí (Irish)

What are Irish colors?

Green is the main colour associated with Ireland. The Irish flag is green, white and orange.

What animals are associated with money?

which animal is associated with money or controlling

Irish hospital 1985 Dublin sweepstake ticket worth?

The Irish Hospital Sweepstakes had its last draw in 1986 and the company that ran it closed in 1987. An old ticket would have no real value now.